Legends of Loot


Legends of Loot's review

by Peter Warrior

A witty dungeon crawling game

  • Awesome design and gameplay
  • Witty dialogues and stuff
  • A homage to the games we like most
  • May we ask for more of everything?

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"Hey ho, let's loot"

Much like its twin evil brother, Sci-Fi Heroes, Legend of Loot can only have been conceived by nerdy minds that made a game for themselves and then realized that it could be a good idea to sell it off. Legends of Loot, a totally random title abbreviated as L.O.L., is a pure and mere dungeon crawler in where you'll find enemies and tresure of all sorts. Cartoony graphics and monsters are lovely designed and you should pay attention to music, a feature many developers often forget.

And, as if this wasn't enough, combats aren't left in the cruel hands of Goddess Math and are solved through a Fruit Ninja-like minigame, so epicness is assured. Over all, no remarkable flaws, even though our wishlist is very long: more playable characters, more and bigger monsters, more and sharper puns, Tiamat, potions of eternal drunkenness ...

This game is free, but if you had to pay for it we would recommend it anyway.

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Jul 18, 2013

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